When to book a House and pet sitter?

When is the best time to book a house sitter?

When is the best time to book a house sitter / pet sitter?

Haussitting Paraguay, Haushüter für Ihr Heim & Tier in ganz Paraguay

Short answer: As early as possible!

I had initially said, immediately after you have booked the plane tickets for the trip, you should also book the house sitter. But I have changed my mind, and now

I even recommend to talk to me before you buy the plane tickets and book the flight only after that.

The reason is that I have, in different months, already some fixed dates. If you come now afterward with a booked ticket, it can be that I have exactly at this time no time, or that something overlaps.

So if you want to be 100% sure and book only me personally (Maik), I recommend that we discuss and coordinate your travel dates together.

But if there is no other way and I personally don’t have time, that’s not so bad.

Because this is exactly why I founded the agency.

The goal is, in such a case, to find you, at your desired date, another suitable, and above all reasonable house and pet sitter.

It would be a pity if I could not help clients and had to send someone away just because I personally do not have time.
That’s why I have created a small but fine „card index“ of suitable, reliable house sitters.

I only take on trustworthy people from my circle of acquaintances, all of whom I know personally, and believe I can assess that they are reasonable, tidy, reliable, and of course love animals.

Like a pre-selection, practically. You will find more about this in the next post.

If you have any questions, or want to go through your vacation planning with me right now, feel free to contact me anytime via Telegram, WhatsApp, or the website contact form.

Many greetings
Maik from hausittingparaguay.com

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