Welcome To House- & Petsitting Paraguay

Travel worry-free thanks to pet and housesitting!

We are here to asure your home & your pets are well taken care of while you are not around. We promise to take care of your home and pets like they were our own.

Zuverlässiges Haussitting in Paraguay, Housesitting Service in ganz Paraguay
Zuverlässiges Haussitting in Paraguay, Housesitting Service in ganz Paraguay

We offer: Reliable Pet- & Housesitting in Paraguay

We offer reliable & discreet Housesitting services for days, weeks or even months all over Paraguay. Please contact us directly so we can talk about your needs. Just use the chat button or contact form.


We take care of your home while you are on vacation or elsewhere. With animals or without. We make sure you will find your home as you left it. We provide Housesitting and Petsitting, all over Paraguay. Please contact us directly for any inquiries.


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Dog Walking

Up to your requirements we walk your dog or we can even go jogging with him. One time per day, twice, or three times. 20 minutes or 1 hour. You decide we follow your guidelines. We help to keep your dog healthy and in shape while you don't have time.


Right now we offer daycare only in Encarnación and only in your home. Your pets, especially cats will appreciate it much to stay in the safe environment of their own home. This prevents that your animals get stressed out and not knowing if you come back or not. (if they came in an unknown environment)

Pet Related Services

We can provide all kinds of pet related services. We can bring your pet to the vet. If you like we can take care of a proper "haircut" for you pets. We don't do it ourselves but we have professional friends in the area and can take care of it following your instructions. Ask us now for details.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

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Haussitting Dienste in Paraguay. Erfahrene Tiersitter. Wir sind da, wenn Sie es nicht sind.
Staying In Shape Together With Your Dog

The Issue

Especially in Paraguay there are many people who live on one or more hectares of land and of course they have dogs, cats and other animals.
These people often have the problem that they can’t „get away“ from their „country home“ at all.

Not only that someone has to feed the animals.
It is also not necessarily advisable to leave your home empty for a long time.
Especially in the countryside, it may well be that burglars or opportunistic thieves gain access, and take things they can use.

If you have animals yourself or are an animal lover, you know that dogs and cats need much more attention. Some animals need proper exercise.
Others need petting or want to be kept busy or pampered in other ways.

Too many concerns for house and pet owners in Paraguay to travel with a peace of mind and not be on site for a certain time.

The Solution

House and Pet Sitting Service Paraguay offers you the „Carefree Travel Package“.

You don’t have to worry about your home or your animals. One of our experienced house sitters will make sure that you will find your home and your animals, after your absence, just as you left them.

Zuverlässiges Haussitting in Paraguay, Housesitting Service in ganz Paraguay

What we can do for you

We protect your property

For the time of your absence, one, or if you wish, more house sitters will move in at your home and occupy it.

Simply by our presence, your home will always look lively and the risk of burglary or theft will decrease to almost zero. (Here in Paraguay, in most cases you do not have to deal with professional burglars. But with casual thieves who quickly notice when someone is not at home for a longer time).

Another advantage; if there is any problem, e.g. a burst water pipe or a strong thunderstorm, we are on the spot and can react quickly to prevent bigger damages.

We take care of your Pets

As mentioned before, we are real animal lovers and we take this job seriously. We make sure to follow your instructions on how to take care your 4-legged family members.

As well we make sure they get the right diet, go on walks or play & pet.

We make sure they get their medication as prescribed.

We have years of experience with pets of all kinds.

Addiditional Jobs

While you are gone and we are taking care of everything, we can also help you with almost every other job around your house.

We can help you with;

- Gardening

- Pool service

- Small repair jobs

- Shopping services

- And many other little tasks

Just contact us by hitting the chat button or contact form.

We promise to love your pets the same you do!

Zuverlässiges Haussitting in Paraguay, Housesitting Service in ganz Paraguay


Erfahrener Haussitter in Paraguay, Haussitting, Tiersitting, Katzenbetreuung, Hundebetreuung
This is me! Maik! House and pet sitter of your confidence 😉

This section is currently being updated. Soon you will find more about us here.

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Maik (45)

Housesitter & Entrepreneur

International experienced house- and pet-sitter in 6 counties. 20 times up… successful house-sits. Active sitting since 2018.

Permanently in Paraguay since June 2022.

Experience: dogs, big & small, young & old. Cats, fish (Kois), Chicken and parrots.

Longest Sit: 4 month


Here you find some voices of our happy clients. Most of them are meanwhile customers who use our service on a regular basis. One good advantage of using the same sitter again is that your pets know him and so are much  more comfortable than having someone „new“ too often. Beside you and the sitter know each other better as well and so you don’t need to instruct „the new guy“ that often.

"Anytime again"

We had a good feeling with Maik from the start.
He is a pleasant person who radiaties confidence. He came to us a day in advance to get acquainted. During our trip we had regular contact by e-mail. He sent us updates about our cats and contacted us with questions or uncertainties....read all...

Joris, Sas van Gent, Netherlands · 22 Sep - 13 Oct 2021
"I would ask Maik to sit for us again."
Maik ensured we were updated every day with pictures. When we returned, the cats seemed happy and well cared for. I would not hesitate to ask Maik to sit for us again.
Sarah, Bangkok, Thailand · 17 Feb - 21 Feb 2020
"The house was clean & tidy..."

Maik sat for us over our Christmas holidays when we travelled home to see family. He was organised and very communicative from the start. He kept us informed of his plans and progress in booking flights. he was flexible with time of arrival and departure. The house was clean and... read all...

Kate, Bangkok, Thailand · 13 Dec 2019 - 04 Jan 2020
"highly recommend for house & pet sitting."

Maik stayed in our apartment and took care of our 3 cats during a full month during our vacation in June/July. He regularly sent us updates with photos and messages via WhatsApp. We felt 100% at ease with Maik living in our apartment.....read all

Camilla, Phnom Penh, Cambodia · 15 Jun - 09 Jul 2019
"Maik did a wonderful job sitting for our dog and cat"

Maik did a wonderful job sitting for our dog and cat and taking care of our home for his 2nd stay with us! For more details please see my previous review. Our home was .... read all

Brienne, Bangkok, 03 May - 07 May 2019
"Maik was a very dependable house sitter!"

Maik was a very dependable house sitter! He communicated with me throughout his sit, sending lots of adorable pictures of our dog and cat and keeping us updated daily. I could tell he gave them both lots of attention and... read all.

Brienne, Bangkok 03 May - 07 May 2019
"Our dogs love Maik"
Maik was our sitter in December. Maik is a great guy. He is a wonderful person and a real animal lover. When he first got here we had a difficult situation because some of the soi dogs I am feeding were poisoned. I was very lucky that Maik was around. He even recommended another VET, which worked out great and we are now going to this VET for the soi dogs...
Herman and Marjon, Pattaya Thailand · 17 Dec - 29 Dec 2018
"This was the second time..."

This was the second time Maik looked after our dogs and we do not know what to add... He is a great guy! Great with dogs. Too bad he is in Chiang Mai now, otherwise we would have asked him again for next week.... read all.

Herman & Marjon Pattaya, Thailand · 24 Jan - 27 Jan 2019
"Excellent experience! Thank you!"
I had an excellent experience with Maik. He is communicative, responsible, and took wonderful care of Reggie. He left my house clean and tidy, and even made friends with my neighbors! I wouldn't hesitate to invite him back anytime. Thank you, Maik!
Jillian, Bangkok, Thailand · 02 Jan - 08 Jan 2019
"everything was perfect"

We got to know Maik some time ago when he did house and dog sitting for friends of ours. Now we had the opportunity to see for ourselves and I must say I certainly would/will book Maik again. Everything was perfect.... read all

Sabine, San Bernardino October 2022
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Housesitting / Petsitting Rates

Please contact us directly to get a custom offer for your needs. Every case is different and we offer huge discounts on long term sits! Let’s get in touch now! We are looking forward talking to you.

  • Full Day from only Gs150.000 (ca.19€)

    Including the house-/petsitter to stay in your place overnight and sleep over. Here we need to add the travel costs for the housesitter to come to your place and ack to his home. These travel costs vary following locations.

  • Half Day From Gs80.000

    Half day sitting services are only available in certain areas right now. Please contact us.

  • Hourly from Gs35.000

    Hourly house- and pet sitting services are only available in certain areas right now. Please contact us.


For your convenience, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about housesitting & petsitting in Paraguay. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

We offer housesitting and pet-sitting all over Paraguay. If you are not too far away in Brazil, Argentina or Bolivia, you could contact us as well. Maybe we can help.

Yes we have experience with giving pills or eyedrops to your dog or cat as you or your vet suggests.

Short answer: As soon as possible!

The long answer to this question you find here.

While you are not around, we can give you updates of your dogs or cats as often you wish.

So far we did housesitting a couple of times in San Bernadino, Nueva Colombia, Caacupe, Obligado, & Encarnacion.  More locations coming soon. BTW Most of our clients are happy & repeating customers.

Depending on the number of animals and the number of tasks to do and how time-consuming those are we calculate fair prices for all our services. Contact us for a custom offer. Do get an overall idea please look at our rates or ask us directly.

In most of the cases, yes.

When we sit for someone the first time, the people and their pets like it when we visit them and get to know them before they hire us. If the distance between us is not too crazy far, we love to visit you and get to know you before you hire us. BUT if we live too far apart we can also do a video call instead.  Please keep in mind. For physical meetings in your place or elsewhere, please be ready to pay the travel cost of the housesitter when they visit you.

We only put photos on the website after we got your permission for it. I is a bit tricky to provide real authentic photos but also respect the privacy of our clients at the same time.

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Contact us

Drop us a message! We are looking forward to knowing you and your 4-legged friends. Let’s see if we can get along with each other and maybe we’ll stay friends forever 😉

Ask us anything!
Your House- & Petsitting Team in Paraguay

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