Short questionnaire, house sitting Paraguay experience of a dear client in Nueva Colombia (Review, Rating)

1. Was it the first time you booked a house sitter and let him into your home? How did you feel about it, did you have any concerns?

A: The first time.
There were no concerns, because Maik was recommended to us by satisfied friends and already the first contact with him was very pleasant.

2) How was your (first) house sitting experience with Haussittingparaguay.com?

A: Absolutely satisfactory.
Maik has a way with animals, whether it’s a dog or a cat.
He provided us with photos and info during our vacation on how the animals were doing and what they did together.

3) How did you find the process, the contact before, during and after the assignment?

A: Super, from the beginning.

4. How do you rate the appearance and professionalism of the house sitter?

A: Maik already radiated security due to his height. I was not worried about the house or the animals at any time.
He has a very friendly, attentive demeanor and exudes total calm (tranquiiiiilo).
His professionalism was reflected in the contact BEFORE he arrived.
This feeling that the animals and house are in good hands remained throughout.

5) How did the house sitter handle your animals and private property?
(You were not there, but how do you evaluate it?)

A: As you would imagine.
The animals were fine when we returned and seemed to be a bit sad when Maik left us.
Therefore, I think it is safe to say that he treated them very lovingly.

6) Did you find your home clean and tidy as you left it or? (How would you rate the cleanliness of the house sitter?)

A: Maik is not a cleaner, I would say 😉
But that’s not what he was hired for.
He washed his dishes, stripped his bed, the pool was clean, he took good care according to our „instructions“.

7. Do you have a suggestion for improvement? What could we do better next time?
What did you not like so much?

A: Nope, nothing, keep it up 🙂

8. Would you book our service again?
A: Yes of course ❤️

9. Would you recommend us to others?
A: Definitely

Comment Maik: Thank you very much for your words, Ina. This helps me and especially new clients to get a better idea of what to expect when booking a house sitter in Paraguay through HSP #haussittingparaguay.

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