Haussitter in Paraguay sollten immer etwas Notfallgeld Zuhause haben.

*Emergency money for house sitters in Paraguay?

No one wishes for it, but it can certainly happen once in a while;
For example, unexpected veterinary expenses, pet food runs out faster than expected, or handyman wages for a burst water pipe, lightning strike, new router, or the like.

We always recommend leaving a small amount of “emergency money” for the house sitter.

How much emergency money do you leave in the house for housesitting emergencies?

This is also a question for you to fill in in our members-area for house owners and pet holders.

That way you and us have access to all housesitting related information. We believe communication is the key so let’s fill in those infos and get ready to travel worry free ?

We cannot require the house sitter to advance this money from their wages (which they also receive after the job is done). Therefore, we recommend to leave at least about 1 million Guaranies, depending on the situation.

The emergency money is only used for emergencies or after agreement with the client. Normally, if there was no emergency, you will get the money back completely on the day of your return.

Any questions? Leave a message or contact us directly.

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